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Shaw’s Darwin Transport has evolved from humble, one-man beginnings in 1981 to a successful national operation with depots in four cities – Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Sydney – but that doesn’t mean that we have lost our community spirit and understanding.

In fact, we are more passionate about giving back to the local community and investing in our staff than ever before!

Children’s Charity ‘Little Wings’

Shaw’s Darwin Transport has entered into a 12 month sponsorship to assist Little Wings to continue its valuable services despite the impact of Covid-19.

Little Wings provides aerial transport services to seriously ill Children and their Families from regional areas of NSW who need to travel to and from Sydney Hospitals for medical treatment. Each year their three aircraft fly almost 3 million kilometres to transport over 6100 patients and family members to and from medical treatments.

As a self-funding charity Little Wings relies on grants and community support to fund their services. Much of their revenue has traditionally come from fund raising activities in Sporting and Community Clubs across NSW. Due to Covid-19 most of those venues have been closed and consequently their revenue sources have depleted. Whilst they have maintained services to date they are in urgent need of new donations.

As part of the Sponsorship the Little Wings logo will appear on Shaw’s trailers travelling through regional NSW to raise Community awareness of Little Wings services. It is hoped this awareness will encourage people to make donations to Little Wings and enable them to continue their services.

Please search ‘Little Wings’ and select ‘Donations’ to make an on-line donation to directly support their services.

Other Ways We Care

Our commitment to care for and give back to the community reaches much further than sponsoring great events – it’s also at the forefront of how we handle our day-to-day logistics, our staff and drivers, our purchases, and how we run our business as a whole.

There are a number of things we do at Shaw’s Darwin Transport to take greater care of our environment and our staff.

Lowering Emissions 

One of our biggest aims at the moment is to become a greener transport company by lowering our emissions in a number of areas – through our vehicles, our energy consumption at our depots and via our day-to-day operations. 

  • Vehicles: We regularly upgrade our trucks to maximise fuel efficiency. We also encourage safe driving practices and ensure loads are efficient to get the most out of our trucks and each tank of fuel. 
  • Energy: The installation of solar panels at Sydney depot has seen the workshop and servers powered completely by solar energy. The solar panels are so efficient that they return power to the energy grid daily. 
  • Operations: Our team are currently working hard to move more of our operations to a digital space in order to reduce our use of paper. 

Managing Driver Fatigue and Wellbeing 

At Shaw’s Darwin Transport, our drivers are an integral part of our family and we’re committed to caring for their health and well-being.

One particular issue we are focused on managing carefully is driver fatigue, which result from poor sleeping patterns and long periods of time awake. Driver fatigue impacts response time, alertness and the driver’s ability to make sound judgement, and unfortunately, it can be fatal. 

At Shaw’s, we manage driver fatigue through training and education, better planning of rosters and schedules, easy-to-follow hazard and incident reporting systems and the efficient monitoring of driver safety and health through the trialing of ‘seeing machines’ in our cabs. 

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At Shaw’s Darwin Transport, we’re backed by top quality equipment, the latest technology, reputable suppliers and most of all, experienced and skilled staff who are committed to providing the best service possible. 

With almost four decades in the freight transport industry, we’re proud to play a role in the communities we work in and enjoy giving back where possible.

Whether you’re a little lost looking for trusted transport companies in Darwin and across the country, or you’re looking for a transport company that goes above and beyond, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Shaw’s Darwin Transport.

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