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What Exactly is Pallet Transport?

Pallet courier delivery is a service that uses pallets to fasten goods during transportation. This is made to secure the goods and make the loading and unloading easier and faster. The pallets are produced according to specific standards that make them compatible for use in different transportation vehicles.

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1. Wooden, Plastic or Metal Pallets?

Wooden pallets are the most commonly used for several reasons. The first and most obvious is that they cost less. The second, equally important, is that they can be easily repaired, recycled and reused in an industrial or residential environment. The wooden pallets are also preferred in food transportation because of their non-toxic and absorbent nature. 

The plastic pallets are more durable, stronger, and lighter than the wooden ones. They also resist humidity which makes them easier to store. But that also means that they are much more expensive. For heavier loads, metal pallets are the better choice. Of course, they are also heavier and thus less cost-efficient, especially because they can’t be repaired like the wooden pallets. 

2. Benefits of Using Pallets for Your Shipments 📦

There are many benefits of using pallets for your shipments, however, they all can be summarized with cost-efficiency.

1) Their durability, especially when using plastic ones, is important as they can be re-used many times and easily stored.
2) As they are standardised, their biggest plus is in reducing labour costs and loading time (as they can be loaded with a forklift).
3) Optimising the space (as they can be stacked).

All these make a pallet transport much more affordable and safer choice for both goods and staff. 

3. What to Look Out for When Choosing your Pallet Transporter…

When choosing a pallet transporter, the first thing to consider is the Experience and the Equipment the company uses in handling pallet courier delivery. The quality of the service also can be reduced is the company uses subcontractors or outsources jobs.

If everything is done in-house, then quality control is stricter and staff accountable. Another thing to consider is the loading and unloading methods the transporter uses and if the service is able to be customised to fit your needs. 

What Types of Pallet Courier Delivery Does Shaw’s Darwin Transport offer?

We are the experts in interstate transportation between Darwin, Sydney, Perth & Brisbane. And one of our specialities is pallet courier delivery.

Because we own and operate a wide range of equipment, including palletised equipment, we can transport many different types of goods across Australia.
Some of these goods include:
– Fresh produce
– Boxed meat and seafood
– Dairy
– Building materials
– Medical equipment
– Non-perishables
– Fast-moving consumer goods

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