Solar Panels

Climate change is a hot topic in Australia and around the globe, and it is largely relevant to the way we do business in the freight and transport industry.

While the general goal for transport companies is to get goods, machinery and other freight safely from A to B, it is important to realise these vehicles and the way we conduct day-to-day business has an impact on greenhouse gases and ultimately, climate change. 

At Shaw’s Darwin Transport, we offer freight services for a wide range of goods including pallets, cartons, crates, shipping containers and machinery – carrying goods between Perth, Darwin, Sydney and Brisbane. 

But more than that, we’re a business committed to environmentally aware practices that can help to reduce emissions and lead the move towards a more sustainable industry.  

Maximising Fuel Efficiency with New Trucks

Each year, our fleet of trucks at Shaw’s Darwin Transport are replaced with newer models.

Replacing our trucks regularly, along with regular servicing, ensures that we can maintain the best fuel efficiency and lowest emissions on our trucks, which helps us to reduce excess emissions that would normally be released by older vehicles.

This method also helps us to save on fuel, maintenance and repair costs, which ultimately allows us to pass those savings back to our customers with competitive interstate freight quotes on pallet transport, refrigerated transport, machinery transport and more.

Increasing Efficiency in Other Ways

Another way we maximise the fuel efficiency of our fleet is through managing the carrying capacity of our trucks and encouraging safe driving practices. 

We try to minimise instances where trucks travel with empty loads and manage situations where a truck is carrying close to capacity to ensure the truck does not become overloaded.

In addition to creating unnecessary risk on the road, unsafe driving practices can also reduce the fuel efficiency of our vehicles. As such, we educate our drivers about

the risks and inefficiencies associated with unsafe actions such as speeding, idling, and accelerating and decelerating in ‘jerky’ patterns.

Enjoying Power with Solar Panels

Our Sydney depot benefits from the stunning Sydney sunshine by running completely from solar power. 

The depot, including mechanical workshop and servers, are powered by solar panels on the roof of the depot. 

In fact, the solar panels at Shaw’s Darwin Transport Sydney depot are so efficient that they actually return energy to the power grid daily! 

Going Online with Bookings

Back at Shaw’s Darwin Transport HQ, we are busy working on updating the website to make things more digital and less paper based, reducing our use of paper at our depots and streamlining processes to benefit both our team and our loyal customers. 

We know our customers love freight updates, so we’ve also enabled a Fast Find Track & Trace function for customers to immediately track their shipments. Try it out!

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We’ve been moving freight from the top end of Australia since 1981, connecting customers across the country with our reliable services. 

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