Shaws utilise the latest technology to plan, manage, and track consignments.


For planning, we use state of the art software from Australia’s leading transport software supplier which helps us to maximize operational efficiencies and to minimise operational costs. The software manages aspects of the business from the very beginning with quoting and planning, right to the end with invoicing and accounting. All of the Shaw’s depots are connected to the one system through a secure nationwide data network.


To help us achieve accurate management of our fleet, all prime movers and most rigid trucks are equipped with satellite tracking, engine management reporting, and two way communication devices which enable us to correspond with the vehicles anywhere in Australia.

This technology also allows us to make sure the vehicle is adhering to schedule and operating within the set parameters.

The local delivery vehicles also have wireless PDAs which allows them to receive and update consignment notes in real time. When a new order needs to be picked up, the driver is given the job instructions within minutes of the order being received at head office.


Clients can track the status of their consignment online by securely logging onto the Shaws website. Clients can access the system to check orders, confirm pricing, receive invoices and statements and make payments.

Invoices, PODs and freight tracking reports can be made readily available to customers online.

There is even a substantial archive of data available to our clients, going back 5 years or more.