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What is Refrigerated Transport? 

Refrigerated transport is used in moving temperature-sensitive goods in vehicles that have built-in refrigerators. It is not a new concept, but now, more than ever, it is shaping the world we live in on a great scale. As consumers, we don’t realize the extent to which this method of transporting goods is crucial to our everyday life and comforts. Just think about it. Around ninety per cent of the food in Australia is transported in refrigerated containers. The food industry might be the main user of refrigerated freight, but it is by far not the only one.

What Can you Transport That Would Need to be Refrigerated? 🚛

When we think about the types of goods that need to be transported refrigerated, perishable foods might be the only thing that comes to mind. However, the list is longer than we can imagine. For example, have you ever thought that art and paintings need temperature-controlled transportation? 

The truth is that many industrial and end-consumer goods need to be moved in refrigerated containers.

  • From precious art to medical supplies
  • Valuable chemicals to personal care
  • Even honey bees

The importance of the refrigerated freight is so enormous that without it we will not have the food variety we enjoy now, will not have access to vaccines, won’t be able to enjoy touring art exhibitions and even it will be impossible to see exotic animals in the zoos.  

Shaw’s Process of Refrigerated Transport..

With our fleet, we can transport multiple types of freight and to follow the industry’s best practices is of crucial importance. At Shaw’s Darwin Transport we have the freight solution for any need of temperature-controlled, frozen, or chilled environment for your goods. To prevent foodborne illness or damages of the goods, we follow procedures that ensure safe and timely delivery. 

Based on the client’s requirements, our refrigerated vehicles can maintain temperatures from ambient down to -25C and we also offer temperature monitoring capability. We have worked with some of the big suppliers, such as Woolworths Australia, and take every precaution necessary to ensure freshness and safety for everyone. 

The refrigerated transport process includes following the guidelines for cleaning and sanitation, departure and arrival procedures and temperature monitoring and reporting. The cleaning and sanitation procedures prevent bacterial, chemical and odour contamination in food transportation. The temperature management includes setting critical control limits and product temperature parameters. 

The way the merchandise is loaded into the refrigerated vehicle also has a crucial role for its safety and for retaining its quality, especially when transporting multi-temperature zone loads.

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We do not use subcontractors, we own all of our equipment, and travel daily. This gives us the opportunity to maximise our transportation services, making them cost-efficient and expedient. We also have excellent staff and committed drivers.

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