FreightSafe Warranty

Many customers have requested some form of protection in the unlikely event of minor loss or damage to their goods in transit. We are therefore pleased to be able to confirm that your goods in transit are protected by our FreightSafe Warranty Programme which warrants that your goods will arrive at the destination complete and undamaged. Should the goods suffer loss or damage in transit, the Warranty provides up to $1500 of protection against loss of, or damage to, your goods in transit. The programme is independently managed by a specialist provider, who will ensure any claims are processed promptly and finalised quickly without any excess being applied to the claim.

The FreightSafe Warranty terms and conditions are fully detailed in the brochure which can be downloaded from here.

The FreightSafe Warranty Program is activated at the commencement of the transport contract and is designed to provide financial peace of mind by providing a warranty of up to $1,500 for the cost of $12.50 per consignment. The warranty will be automatically provided on all consignments as of the 1st of February 2012.

We look forward to supporting your business through the provision of superior transport and logistics services.