Freight about to be loaded into a Shaws trailer

In order to calculate the cubic weight of a consignment, just enter the figures into the fields below. The maximum dimensions are as follows: Length: 13.5m; Width: 2.4m; Height: 2.7m.

Enter the Length, Width, Height, and Quantity, then press Calculate.

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Cubic Weight (kg)

What is "Cubic Allowance" and how is "Cubic Weight" calculated?

A standard trailer can carry up to 24000kgs of freight and has about 72 cubic metres of space in which to carry that loading. Therefore each cubic metre needs to carry 333kgs. This is the "Cubic Allowance". It can vary for different modes of transport, for example shipping generally works on 1000kgs/cubic metre because it can carry more weight per volume, whereas airfreight works on a smaller figure because it can carry less weight per volume.

Most packaged products weigh less than 333kgs for each cubic metre of volume so it is necessary to convert their size into an equivalent weight, this is the "Cubic Weight" It is calculated by multiplying the volume (length x width x height) of each package by the cubic allowance (333). For pricing purposes the greater of actual or cubic weight is used. To easily calculate the cubic weight of your shipment please use the "Cubic Calculator" page.