characteristics of a good truck driver

Employees are often referred to as a company’s most valuable asset, so it makes sense that employers take the best of care and consideration when hiring new employees.

In the Road Freight Transport industry, even more importance needs to be placed on finding good truck drivers, as truck driving can be a very self-sufficient, demanding and dangerous job.

So what exactly makes a good truck driver?

Reliable & Responsible

Transporting goods requires a reliable, trustworthy person who can get the job done in a timely manner without issue.

This doesn’t mean the truck driver needs to go days without sleep to get the goods to their destination in record time, it simply means that they are committed to sticking to the determined time frame, driving safely, and

Alert & Aware

When your workplace exists out on the open roads of Australia, being alert and aware of your surroundings at all times is a crucial part of the job.

Much of this skill involves anticipating the actions of other drivers, sticking to the speed limit, keeping an eye on the mechanical operation of the vehicle, and being prepared for a variety of potential dangers on the road.

Fatigue can be a considerable issue for truck drivers, so it is important that drivers take recommended breaks and rest where possible to remain alert.

Friendly & Approachable

While driving a truck is often an independent job, with drivers spending long hours driving to their next destination, it is also important for truck drivers to be personable, friendly, and approachable to others.

This is especially desirable for drivers that deliver directly to consumers, such as grocery or mail delivery drivers.

Skills & Experience

Driving a heavy vehicle takes skill and experience on the road. Having the basic qualifications needed to drive a truck is a start, but employers want someone who has experience in the industry with a ‘clean’ driving record.

A potential employee with no accidents, fines or other misdemeanours noted on their record is much more employable because it shows they drive safely, professionally, and are more trustworthy.

Mechanical Skills

With thousands of kilometres separating some of Australia’s major cities, it’s almost inevitable that something could go wrong during a long-haul drive.

While there may be other truckies out on the road who can assist if there is a mechanical issue or something similar, it is certainly desirable for truck drivers to have the skills to diagnose issues and make fixes for themselves.

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