In a country as vast as Australia, the trucking industry plays a vital role in keeping many industries across the country running, from the booming e-commerce sector to the transport of machinery and even food home delivery services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the immeasurable value of the transport and logistics sector, which continued to operate as each state imposed different and sometimes confusing lockdowns.

At Shaw’s Darwin Transport, we’re proud to be a respected and experienced Australian-owned road freight company, so we’ve pulled together four impressive facts about the trucking industry here in Australia for you.

Fact 1: Trucking Industry is Expected to Grow Over the Next Five Years

The trucking industry is responsible for transporting everything from food to clothing, furniture to machinery and equipment to white goods.

Thanks in part to the fallout from COVID-19, the Road Freight Transport industry is anticipated to grow over the next five years.

With many consumers opting to shop online instead of in bricks and mortar stores, there will be continued demand for road freight transport to ensure customers get their deliveries as soon as possible.

Fact 2: 60 Modern Trucks = 1 trucks emissions in the 80s

With technology evolving and our understanding of emissions increasing, it is mind blowing to hear that the emissions from 60 modern clean diesel trucks that operate today is equivalent to the emissions of just ONE truck in the 1980s.

In the current age, businesses, industry bodies, and governments across the world are working with one another to lower emissions output by heavy vehicles, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce the impact that the Road Freight Transport industry has on the environment overall.

Fact 3: Trucking Accidents Caused by Lane Departure

The Centre for Automotive Research at the University of Adelaide found that “the most common types of Heavy Vehicle crash were single vehicle crashes involving leaving the road or rolling over.”

In these accidents, some of the most common factors involved “speed, the mechanical condition of the

vehicle (particularly brakes), and the characteristics of the load being carried (including overloading)”.

In addition, factors such as fatigue and driver distraction are more commonly identified in the crashes where the truck driver has been identified as being responsible for the crash.

This is why we are so passionate about caring for our truck drivers through the implementation of driver fatigue management systems at Shaw’s Darwin Transport.

Fact 4: More Than 246,000 People are Employed in Australian Trucking Industry

According to the Queensland Trucking Association, the trucking industry here in Australia is made up of 97.5 per cent men, with the average age of truck drivers sitting at 43 years old.

The industry is made up of over 246,000 people, which includes truck drivers, managers and roles in operations.

At Shaw’s Darwin Transport, we have depots in four cities across Australia, giving clients like you the best access to knowledgeable, local staff who can answer all your questions about road freight services.

Transport with Shaw’s Darwin Transport

As the leading specialist interstate transport company operating to and from Darwin from across Australia, Shaw’s Darwin Transport is the no-brainer option for your door-to-door road freight needs.

With depots in Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Sydney, our local staff are ready to help you all your trucking industry queries and needs.

Contact Shaw’s Darwin Transport today to book competitively priced freight services.

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